Blogger– Blogger is a free blogging platform. It’s great for bloggers looking for something low key that gets the job done. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that WordPress does but if you just want to run a smaller scale, non-business related blog then Blogger is a great option.– is my blogging and website platform of choice. If you run a business or would like a “do-all the things” type of platform with tons of options and capabilities then WP is for you.Β WP is free but requires hosting and with out recommended hosts WP set-up is easy peasy to get installed (were talking like a few clicks).Β  Please note: there is a version of WP that does not requite hosting called – this is NOT what we are recommending as most users end up switching so we suggest just going with from the get go (you will thank me later).

SiteGround – in order to run a site on you will need hosting and not just any hosting. You NEED WordPress managed hosting, I promise you will thank me later – or maybe not because you will never have the unfortunate experience of dealing with anything else but what you NEED for WP to run smoothly! Love SiteGround, wish I had known when I first started years and years ago. We use them now to host our community and couldn’t be happier. We also have tons of clients we have recommended who feel the same! Need help getting started on WP?

View my quick guide to getting started on WordPress.


Genesis/StudioPress – These pretty much go hand in hand. Genesis is a WP foundation and Studiopress offers themes that are compatible with that foundation. So here’s the short – WP uses “themes”Β  which create the structure/layout/look of your blog or website. I like to think of Genesis as the foundation to a house and “Themes” (StudioPress or any other) as the walls that create structure and layout.

BD Premade Blog Designs– If you are looking for a quick custom look for your WordPress or Blogger site I know this fabulous place πŸ˜‰ check out the shop! Canva – Online graphic design software. Super easy to use to edit and add text to your blog post images or to create design graphics for your blog or website.

Creative Market – Cute fonts, stock images, clip art, themes and templates Creative market is pretty much a stop shop for bloggers.


G Suite –Β  I only just started using G Suite this year but I love it! G Suite allows you to have a domain name email address ( without having use icky hosting email, you get to run it right through gmail PLUS you get tons of other cool features – read more here. Having a domain email address makes your blog business more professional and G Suite makes it easy. use our link to sign up and use this promotion code to save

Trello – Trello is another site I recently started using. It’s a great way to get organized especially if you run a business and have a team of people that need to work on projects. It allows you to keep boards “lists” so that your notes, files, images, for your blog/biz can all live in one place. It’s a great resource!

MailChimp – One of the most important things you need as a blogger/business owner is to start collecting emails for your mailing list. Even if you don’t plan on sending emails/newsletters now you will regret not collecting from the beginning. MailChimp offers a free account up to 2,000 subscribers so it’s a great platform to start on if your not looking to spend any money on this type of service just yet.

Dropbox –Β  I use Dropbox every day, every single day. Dropbox is a cloud storage system and is my cloud storage of choice. It’s another one I use every single day. Any blog or business related items I store in Dropbox so that if I jump from one computer to another I can still access the files I need. I can share folders with clients or other people where we need one common place to add files, its awesome!

Bitly – Bitly will shorten your links for you but that’s not why I love it. I love it because it is also a link tracker. This is great if you have affiliate links or what to know how well a link on your blog or website is doing.


If your gonna start a blog your gonna need some images! For what? Better read this post! In short, for your blog posts. Here are a few stock sites we love:

Studio Chic Designs – Super affordable, high quality stock images. No memberships just simple buy what you need.

Creative Market – Over 9,000 stock images. Just type into the search box” Styled Stock Images for cute desktop images or view their photo section for all types of images.

Unsplash: Free stock images. These are the styled girly images but more so fashion travel, food, etc…. I get all my post preview images for my templates here. There are tons of free sites but what I have found on other sites I usually can find the exact same image here.